Energy & The Environment
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For too long, America has relied on foreign oil for the bulk of our energy needs—at the expense of the environment, our wallets, and our national security. John Larson knows its past time we invest in energy that’s affordable, abundant, and American.

The Future of Fuel Cells

Here in Connecticut, fuel cell manufacturers such as FuelCell Energy, Doosan, and Infinity Fuel Cell are already providing clean, reliable energy. That’s why John founded a working group in Congress to focus on fuel cell technology, and he consistently introduces legislation to expand access to fuel cells for homes, businesses, and vehicles. John knows that if more large scale manufacturers and industrial centers make the switch to fuel cells, we can promote American energy independence without damaging our environment.

Placing a Price on Pollution

John has led efforts in Congress to establish a price on carbon pollution in order to tackle the climate change crisis.  His work is focused on ensuring polluters pay their fair share through a tax on their emissions.  The revenue raised by this tax would then be passed along to the American public through a payroll tax rebate with a percentage being set aside to for investment in our nation’s crumbling infrastructure.

Global Action on Climate

John praised President Obama for leading the global effort to combat climate change. The historic agreement reached in Paris will set new global standards to preserve our environment for our kids, grandkids, and generations to come.

In Connecticut, John has fought hard to ensure landmarks like the Long Island Sound remain protected and free of pollution. We only get one environment, and John wants to make sure it has a long, healthy future ahead.

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