Gun Violence Prevention
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Connecticut knows too well the tragedy and horror of gun violence. From the shocking murders at Sandy Hook Elementary to the rash of shootings in Hartford and other urban areas, we continue to grieve the loss of too many innocent lives.

Time for a Change

John supports the right of Americans to legally possess firearms, but he also believes we need to have a frank and forthright discussion about reasonable reforms:

  1. Universal Background ChecksToo often, guns are sold without any background check at all, making it easy for criminals to get their hands on dangerous weapons. Like most Americans, John believes guns should not be sold unless the buyer is legally allowed to purchase one. He is a passionate advocate for universal background checks, and continues to call for the Speaker of the House to bring this commonsense proposal to the floor.
  2. Restrictions on Magazine SizesOversized magazines make it too easy for someone intent on causing harm to inflict massive casualties. We have seen the results not just in Newtown, but in Tucson, Aurora, Charleston, and too many other cities across the country. Limiting the number of bullets a gun can hold would help prevent a would-be mass shooter from inflicting the chaos and violence we’ve seen in the past.
  3. Bans on Military-Style Assault WeaponsAssault weapons are designed specifically for combat—not sporting purposes or personal protection. John feels strongly that these weapons belong only in the hands of our military and law enforcement agencies, and should not be available to any who might use them to take innocent lives.

It’s not enough to reform how we purchase firearms; John knows we need to look after those who have experienced the trauma of gun violence firsthand—especially our children. Kids growing up in impoverished, urban areas often witness violence from a young age. They can wrestle with post-traumatic stress injuries, depression, and aggression—and too many go untreated.

That’s why John has previously introduced the City Youth Violence Recovery Act. Ensuring our children have access to counseling, mentoring, and the mental health services they need would allow them to heal—and possibly prevent future violence.

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