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Every American deserves the  simple dignity that comes from having a job. While our economy has made great strides since the recession of 2008 and unemployment continues to fall, many Americans still struggle to find work.

Growing opportunity across the First District

When he first arrived in Washington, John made it his top priority to reignite the American Dream right here in Connecticut. He has been a tireless advocate for businesses based in the First District, from large employers like Pratt & Whitney to small tool and dye shops. John has led the fight to grow our workforce across several fronts:

  1. Manufacturing

    Manufacturing is the backbone of Connecticut’s economy, and has been for years. As the field continues to expand and evolve, John has helped connect academia, industry, and the nation’s labor force with the public sector to develop new manufacturing education programs. He proudly highlighted the success of one such program at Goodwin College in East Hartford when he hosted Vice President Joe Biden as part of the “Ready to Work Initiative.” These programs are training our next generation of innovators, and help our current workforce expand their skills and further their careers.John regularly visits small manufacturers across the First District, and works hard to ensure they have everything they need to grow and succeed. From securing grants to fighting to revive the Export-Import Bank, John is champion for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

  2. Defense

    Connecticut has a proud tradition of protecting our nation’s freedoms. John fought hard to ensure that Pratt & Whitney is the sole supplier of engines for the Joint Strike Fighter. This project guarantees tens of thousands of jobs and economic opportunity all across the state while ensuring our country remains secure.Over the next several years, Pratt & Whitney will produce more than 1,000 engines annually—the highest amount since 1983. Pratt remains a top employer in Connecticut, and supports numerous small businesses across the First District.

  3. Urban Renewal

    While the economy continues to grow, some areas were hit harder than others. The 06120 zip code in Hartford remains one of the poorest in the nation. In 2015, the zip code was designated a Promise Zone—ensuring priority access to federal grants.Recently, John hosted a delegation from the 06120 zip code in Washington to discuss opportunities for education and job creation.  Over two days, they met with key figures at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Labor, and other offices to share their vision and insights firsthand.

  4. Workers’ Rights

    John knows it’s not enough for Americans to find jobs—those jobs also need to provide them with the security of a living wage and common sense benefits. As a State Senator in Connecticut’s General Assembly, John helped write the very first family leave act in the country. He was proud to see it adapted into a national standard. Now, John continues to call for access to family medical leave for all Americans.


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