Social Security
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Social Security is the bedrock program for retirement, disability, and survivor’s benefits. Over two-thirds of retirees depend on Social Security for most of their income, but talk in Washington turns too often to slashing benefits or hiking the retirement age.

John Larson has a better idea.

John knows we can increase benefits, cut taxes, and make sure Social Security is around for our children and grandchildren—without forcing hardworking Americans to “work more for less” as some have suggested.

That’s why John wrote and introduced the Social Security 2100 Act. This comprehensive proposal will do the following:

  • Raise benefits by about 2% across the board
  • Increase the minimum benefit so no American who pays into the system can retire into poverty
  • Cut taxes for 11 million working seniors

You worked for it. You paid for it. You deserve it.

No one should be asked to sacrifice the benefits they earned throughout their working lives. Social Security is not an entitlement program. And John’s proposal is fully funded and does not contribute a dime to the deficit.

John’s fighting hard in Washington to protect your Social Security benefits.

John Larson has—and always will—defend the integrity of Social Security. It’s nothing less than the full faith and credit of the U.S. government. Social Security has your back, and John does too.


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