Energy & The Environment

Friends –

Climate change is real and it is happening. There is simply no doubt.

Now we have to deal with the reality that it creates. Bigger storms, greater infrastructure needs.

It is past time we address it. For our present and our children’s future. We must embrace the solutions and be what America has always been – the world leader!

We can grow jobs in clean energy. We can grow jobs in rebuilding our infrastructure. We can either work to prevent the damage of climate change, or like we are finding out after the giant hurricanes we can pay to clean up the devastation left behind.

Simply put this is a problem that also provides tremendous opportunity if we are up to the challenge.

We need focus on clean, renewable energies like Fuel Cells. I am the Chairman of the Fuel Cell Caucus in Congress, where I advocate for fuel cells and all the fuel cells in Connecticut. Fuel Cells utilize the most abundant element in our universe, hydrogen, to create renewable, clean energy.

I am also proud to have been a strong advocate for green ways and blue ways. I helped establish the Hockanum River Linear Park Trail right here in Connecticut.

This fight won’t be easy. The solutions are challenging. My America Wins Act will tax polluters and pollution and will invest that money into our nation’s infrastructure. It is a real plan to deal with this difficult issue.

The time is now to act on climate change, I hope you’ll join me.



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