Foreign Policy

Nothing is more important than preserving the safety of Americans. In the wake of horrific tragedies overseas and within our own borders, John Larson has called for taking a closer look at our nation’s security measures and strengthening our relationships with our allies.

When it comes to fighting terrorism, we cannot go it alone.

John firmly believes the war in Iraq showed once and for all that America cannot solve global crises alone. He commended Secretary of State John Kerry and President Barack Obama for bringing Russia, China, France, Great Britain, and Germany together to address the looming threat of a nuclear Iran. By reaching a historic accord, we moved a little closer to a more stable Middle East.

But John knows that isn’t enough. He is fond of saying that Israel has long been our closest ally in the region, and no daylight will ever come between our countries. John continues to call for American support to help keep Israelis safe even in turbulent times.

We need solutions, not scapegoats.

In the wake of terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, refugees fleeing the brutality of ISIL in Syria and Iraq now face suspicion and hostility in America. Some have even called for shutting the door on refugees altogether. John knows that’s not the American way.

Refugees already undergo the most rigorous screening process in existence before they ever set foot on American soil. Throwing up additional roadblocks would not keep Americans safer. John has instead voted for reforms to the vulnerable Visa Waiver Program, which could allow potential terrorists into our borders without any background check at all.

Investing in defense.

Connecticut has a proud history when it comes to supporting our nation’s defense. Pratt & Whitney engines power our most advanced fifth generation fighters – the F-22 and the F-35.  John led the effort in Congress to ensure Pratt & Whitney remains the sole supplier of engines for the F-35, and continues to fight to safeguard the production of the aircraft, supporting thousands of jobs across our state.  The F-35 program alone will bring $100 billion in federal investment to the state’s defense contractors and suppliers.

The First District is also home to countless small and medium-sized precision manufacturers who support our nation’s defense through their work.   With John’s support, the First District will continue to keep Americans safer.


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