Gun Violence Prevention

Friends –

Columbine… Newtown… Marysville… Parkland… Great Mills… Too many. Far too many.

We haven’t done enough. Not nearly enough. We are failing our children. It must stop.
That’s why I helped lead a sit in of the House Chamber. That’s why I continue to fight in any way possible to demand sensible changes to our gun laws.

It has been and continues to be a long and difficult fight. But we will not stop. I will continue to work with my friends like John Lewis and Gabby Giffords until we have made the changes we need so there is never another school shooting…

Until “active shooter” drills in school are a thing of the past…

Until children in Hartford don’t have to worry about getting shot playing in their backyards…

Until schools, and movie theaters and our streets feel safe again…

Until we take real ACTION and address the issue of gun violence that is plaguing America.



John speaks at the March for Our Lives in Hartford.

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