Friends –

Since the days of Samuel and Elizabeth Colt, Connecticut has been a hub of manufacturing. Manufacturing runs in Connecticut’s blood.

I believe I have a job creation record second to none! I have worked to strengthen Connecticut’s key industries like insurance and manufacturing and grow new ones like fuel cells.

I am proud of major wins that have had a long term impact on the state’s economy:

….establishing the Connecticut Center for Advance Technologies which has helped dozens of our manufacturing firms.

….Winning the battle for the F-35 engine that has kept the eagle flying along with hundreds of jobs.
…when it comes to jobs it is also about small businesses and local communities like our effort that brought a delegation of representatives from Hartford’s North End to Washington D.C. to meet with agencies to plan how best to utilize their Promise Zone designation to bring more companies to one of the poorest communities in the country. Because of this, the Promise Zone has had the opportunity to apply for and receive federal grants.  I also introduced the Promise Zone Job Creation Act that promises employers to hire employees from the federally designated Promise Zones.

We are going to keep building with major projects like my infrastructure plan that will create 13 million plus jobs across the country and one on one work with our workers and our businesses.

I am fighting for YOU.



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