Leadership During the COVID Pandemic

  • Listening and Leading: When the COVID crisis hit, John was there for the First District hosting more than 10+ teletown halls and virtual events to hear from constituents, communicate the ongoing federal response, and bring together experts from the public health sector to state and federal officials. 


  • Being there for the Community 
      • Through the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, John established the Healthcare Worker Nourishment Fund  to contribute to organizations that provide onsite, on-the-job nourishment and sustenance to those health care workers who are treating and caring for people impacted by the COVID-19 global pandemic at hospitals and other healthcare facilities in Connecticut’s First Congressional District.
      • John also offered support to the North End of Hartford’s Three Church Partnership to provide shelter, food, and medical services to one of the most impoverished areas of the state that has been hit hard by COVID-19.
      • John has visited many local small businesses and has helped them work with the SBA to receive the relief they need to get by. 
  • Federal Relief
      • Voted for five separate COVID relief bills, including four that were signed into law totalling more than $3 trillion in funding for small businesses, expanded unemployment benefits, direct payments, and funding for our healthcare system. He and House Democrats also fought for the inclusion of free COVID-19 testing and he has worked with local stakeholders to ensure testing has increased in the First District, including securing funding for local community health centers, hospitals, and more. 
      • John voted for the HEROES Act, that is stalled in the Senate, that would provide additional needed relief including desperately needed funding for state and local governments to pay teachers and first responders. It would also establish a Heroes fund for our essential workers who have kept our communities going during these tough times. 
      • John led the effort to ensure that Social Security recipients received their Economic Impact Payments after the the Trump Administration announced they would be required to file a tax return to get their payment.
      • John also stepped up to serve as a member of the White House coronavirus task force to ensure Connecticut has a voice at the table. 


  • Fighting for Your Earned Benefits: As the leader on Social Security in the House, he’s fought back against President Trump’s attempts to defund Social Security and has instead worked to expand benefits:
      • Social Security Emergency Benefit Improvement Act: to expand Social Security benefits to those most in need during these tough times: seniors, people of color, and people with disabilities. 
      • The COVID-19 Social Security Act: Due to the current economic crisis, an estimated 4 million Americans born in 1960 will receive lower Social Security benefits every year. John’s bill will prevent this from happening and expand benefits for low-income workers. 


  • The Save Our Social Security Now Act: Would overturn President Trump’s attempts to defund Social Security, a political stunt disguised as a tax cut and COVID relief.


  • Testing and Supplies: John’s working to ensure all our essential workers and communities have the supplies they need to weather this crisis.
    • Pandemic Essential Supplies Act: There’s no question that the Trump Administration has failed in their response to this pandemic. In the beginning, hot spots like Connecticut were worried about not having enough ICU beds, ventilators, and PPE for our health care heroes. This is unacceptable. John’s bill would use the Defense Production Act to ensure we are producing enough supplies. It would also use the Defense Logistics Agency to ensure there is a central command and coordination of supplies across the country. If and when a second wave occurs, we need to be prepared.
    • The Victory Bonds Act of 2020: During the pandemic, Americans have wanted to help one another out. This bill would allow Americans to buy Victory Bonds and have the money go to COVID-19 relief. 

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