Social Security

A decade ago, Republicans tried to privatize Social Security, which would have destroyed this vital program. 

Then, John Larson stepped in. John knew firsthand how critical Social Security was for the American people; his mother, Pauline, had needed the modest benefits to help pay for years of medical bills. For the sake of seniors like Pauline – as well as disabled Americans, veterans, families who’d lost their loved ones, and future retirees –  benefits could not be cut. They were already too low!

The conversation surrounding Social Security had to change. So, John worked day and night with his colleagues to change it, traveling across the country to advocate for a bold new solution to America’s retirement crisis.

Today, after years of outreach and hard work, John’s efforts have been incredibly successful in transforming the landscape of Social Security politics. 

His landmark new bill – Social Security 2100: A Sacred Trust– cuts taxes for middle-class beneficiaries, extends program solvency, and expands benefits across the board – a drastic shift from earlier proposals. Democrats have rallied behind the bill, with nearly 200 House Democrats co-sponsoring on the very first day it was introduced. 

While some, like Donald Trump and Senator Lindsey Graham, continue to push to cut and privatize Social Security, John has been there at every turn to stop them. 

In the next few months, John looks forward to working with the Biden administration to pass Social Security 2100 and finally ensure that no American, who has paid into the system their entire life, retires into poverty. 

John is endorsed by numerous organizations that are fighting to save Social Security. They know first hand just how effective a champion he has been.