Cost of Education

Friends –

Debt is crushing students across America. The cost of college is pushing the American Dream out of reach for too many. Pursuing a form of higher education, whether it be a four year university, or a trade-school, shouldn’t permanently put you in debt. It shouldn’t prevent you from buying a home, starting a family or saving for your future.

We need to make post-high school education more affordable.

We also need to work to encourage America’s youth to serve their country. Fewer than one percent of our nation’s citizens serve our country between national service programs like AmeriCorps, Teach for America, and our military. That has to change. The burden of country can’t be carried on the shoulders of the few.

That’s why I have a plan that if you serve your country, we will help you pay for college. If you serve your country, we will help you relieve your student debt.

For every year of service in either a national service program or the military, you will receive the equivalent of two years in-state college tuition to use towards the education program of your choice.

We can help make higher education more affordable, grow our economy, strengthen our society and encourage service in our local communities. As President John F. Kennedy (a strong supporter of national service) once said, “A rising tide lifts all boats”.




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