John’s Solutions

The majority of the time all you hear on the news is that nothing is getting done down in Congress. While there is a lot of gridlock, I instead focus my time on working for solutions for YOU.

In the current session of Congress I have had multiple laws and measures that have been signed into law. I worked across the aisle to make sure these measures were made a priority….

…. As a leader on Social Security, I have worked to both expand benefits and improve its everyday functioning. I worked with my Republican counterpart to better protect the most vulnerable Social Security beneficiaries. Our bill is now law and the Social Security Representative Payee system is now stronger than ever.

…. In 2014, I helped establish Coltsville in Hartford as Connecticut’s newest National Historic Park. This year, I made sure the Park could improve its design to deliver an engaging visitor experience.

…. Companies that donate 100% of their profits to charity, including Connecticut-based Newman’s Own, should be praised, not punished. These nonprofits would have seen their taxes jump by 200% until I stepped in and found a bipartisan fix. Now these companies can continue to exist.

…. Our first responders risk their lives to keep us safe. If they fall in the line of duty, they deserve to be honored for their courage and sacrifice. I worked to have the Flag Code amended to give Governors the right to lower the flag to half-staff in honor of fallen first responders.

…. Those who have been wrongfully convicted of a crime have suffered enough. When I found out they were being taxed on the awards they received, I worked to put a stop to it. This year, I made sure anyone who had already paid those taxes had more time to get their refund.

…. Families throughout eastern and central Connecticut have been devastated by crumbling home foundations. I worked with Congressman Joe Courtney to help secure tax relief from the IRS families who repair their homes.

…. Climate change is real and happening. We have a viable renewable energy option in fuel cells. They use our universe’s most abundant element, hydrogen, to create clean energy. Connecticut is home to several fuel cell manufacturers. Now, thanks to a fix I fought for, they are now treated like any other renewable energy, allowing these companies to continue their work of providing clean energy to people around the country.

That’s not all though! I have several solutions that I have proposed that I’m still fighting for!

…. Social Security is our nation’s most successful insurance program. I am fighting to expand, enhance and extend the program with my plan. With my plan, Social Security benefits will be able to be paid in full beyond 2100. It is a commonsense and much-needed plan to keep the program stable for future generations.

….. Our nation’s infrastructure is in need of a major upgrade and we need to address global warming. I have a solution that will create a $1 trillion infrastructure through a pollution tax.

…. I am proud the have led the fight for affordable health care as the Chairman of the Democratic Caucus. Now, I’m leading the fight to improve upon our current system by creating a Medicare Buy-In program.

…. Something we can all agree on is that the cost of higher education is getting to be too high. I have a plan that provides student loan relief and funding for college through national service.

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