John’s Solution for Student Debt and National Service

Student debt is burdening our youth. We need to find a way to make higher education more affordable. John has a plan to do just that and encourage National Service.

Inspired by John F. Kennedy’s call to serve your country, John developed his plan for National Service. It’s simple. Serve your country, we’ll help you pay for school or pay back your student loans.

For every year of service, you’d get two years of in-state college tuition, to use at the institution of your choice, whether it’d be a private college, a public university, or a trade school.

John’s plan would invest in National Service programs like AmeriCorps, Teach for America, and City Year with the goal of having 1 million serving at one time.

Not only would this help students pay for school and give back to communities, it would also be an investment. For every dollar that is invested in National Service programs there is an almost $4 return rate to the community.

Currently in a nation of 330 million, less than one percent of our society serves in our nation’s military and National Service programs combined.

The burden of many can’t be shouldered by the few. We need to make the investment in these programs and in our students!

Learn more about John’s proposal here.

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