John Larson Needs Your Help

John Larson has been traveling the country, talking to retirees, survivors, and those with disabilities who rely on Social Security to make ends meet. He knows Social Security is a lifeline for millions of Americans just like them, but some in Washington still clamor to cut benefits and hike the retirement age.

It’s time to take a stand.

Social Security can mean the difference between a hot meal and going hungry. It’s the foundation of our retirement program—especially in the wake of a recession that gutted too many 401(k)s and traditional pensions.

Help John fight to increase benefits and protect your retirement security.

John has a plan to increase benefits, cut taxes, and prevent any hardworking American from retiring into poverty. The Social Security 2100 Act guarantees these benefits will be around for our kids and grandkids.

But he needs your help.

Share what Social Security means for you and your loved ones. Let Congress know that we can’t afford to see benefits slashed with a letter, video, or Facebook post. We’ll post your stories here, and John will keep fighting to make sure Washington hears you loud and clear.

Change doesn’t start in Washington. It starts right here, right now, with you.

Your voice matters, and John fights hard to make sure Washington hears you loud and clear.

Volunteer with John

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