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America’s roads, highways, bridges, and transit systems are crumbling. In Connecticut, 413 bridges were labeled “structurally deficient” by the Federal Department of Transportation1.

John Larson knows it’s time to invest in Connecticut infrastructure to keep the public safe and support local jobs. Last year, he brought Chairman Bill Shuster of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure to meet with stakeholders across the First District and see firsthand the needs of Connecticut’s commuters, pedestrians, and motorists.

Infrastructure is neither Democrat nor Republican. It is American.

John has long been a vocal proponent for stable, long-term funding for Connecticut’s infrastructure. He voted in favor of bipartisan legislation that secured more than $3.5 billion for transportation projects across the state, including expanded rail service to connect Hartford with the rest of New England. These investments will bring jobs, tourism, and growth to Connecticut—but the fight doesn’t end there.

Corporations should pay their fair share.

It is not enough to promise investments in infrastructure, John knows we need responsible sources of funding. Large corporations rely heavily on our roads and bridges, often doing considerable damage to their integrity while dumping pollutants into the air. John continues to argue in favor of a carbon tax to make sure corporations pay for the wear-and-tear to our roadways.

Putting people first.

Investing in our infrastructure provides more than roads and bridges—it provides reliable work for countless Americans. John knows that here in Connecticut, we can get our residents back to work through new transportation projects. Every American deserves the dignity that comes from having a job, and John is fighting hard to make sure those jobs come to the First District.


1 Busemeyer, Stephen. Where are Connecticut’s ‘deficient’ bridges? The Hartford Courant. 09-16-2014.

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