“John is fighting for a bold vision to transform Connecticut’s infrastructure to create sustainable communities, and he has an unparalleled record of supporting and retaining manufacturing jobs in the First District. Now, more than ever, we need John’s voice in Congress.”
– Governor Ned Lamont

“I couldn’t be prouder to endorse my friend John for reelection. John listens and delivers the progressive results people need: whether it’s support for a thriving manufacturing base, pandemic relief funding for our towns and schools, tax relief for Connecticut homeowners, or accountability for slumlords in North Hartford.”
– Senator Chris Murphy

“John understands the challenges, hopes and dreams of the people in the First District. That’s why he is leading the fight to ensure that they have affordable, accessible health insurance, quality housing, and social security to depend on when they retire.”
– Senator Richard Blumenthal

“I’m proud to endorse my colleague and fellow educator John Larson for re-election. He’s an effective and compassionate leader and has the steady hand we need in Washington right now.”
– Representative Jahana Hayes

“John is a passionate leader and unrelenting champion for working families, seniors, small businesses, and manufacturers. From defending social security, to keeping jobs in America, to campaign finance reform, John is a man of consistency and integrity.”
– Representative Rosa DeLauro

“John has brought historic funding to help our state during COVID, been a tireless advocate to strengthen social security, and he’s committed to passing legislation with Connecticut priorities. I am proud to endorse my friend and colleague for re-election.”
– Representative Jim Himes

“As Chair of the Social Security Subcommittee, John has been spearheading the first serious reform of Social Security in 40 years that boosts benefits for seniors, children and the disabled, and also strengthens the finances of this critical program. His work is not done and I strongly endorse his candidacy.”
– Representative Joe Courtney

More Endorsements

  • State Senator Saud Anwar
  • First Selectman Jason Bowsza
  • Mayor Shari Cantor
  • State Rep. Michelle Cook
  • State Rep. Jeff Curry
  • State Rep. Jason Doucette
  • State Rep. Kate Farrar
  • Mayor Ben Florsheim
  • State Senator John Fonfara
  • State Rep. Jaime Foster
  • State Rep. Jane Garibay
  • State Rep. Henry Genga
  • State Rep. Jillian Gilchrest
  • Town Council Chair Thomas Gullota
  • State Senator Rick Lopes
  • Mayor Jim Moran
  • State Rep. Amy Morrin Bello
  • State Senator Norm Needleman
  • Mayor Liz Pendelton
  • State House Majority Leader Jason Rojas
  • State Rep. Manny Sanchez
  • State Senator Derek Slap
  • First Selectman Donald Stein
  • State Rep. Kerry Szeps Wood
  • Mayor Don Trinks
  • State Rep. Gary Turco
  • State Rep. Edwin Vargas
  • Mayor Mike Walsh
  • State Rep. Quentin Williams
  • First Selectman Magi Winslow
  • Mayor Danielle Wong

Ratings & Distinctions

  • ACLU: 100%
  • AFL-CIO: 100%
  • Alliance for Retired Americans: 100%
  • Children’s Defense Fund: A Rating
  • Human Rights Campaign: 100%
  • Humane Society: 100%
  • League of Conservation Voters: 100%
  • Leadership Council on Civil and Human Rights: 100%
  • NARAL: 100%
  • National Education Association: A Rating
  • Planned Parenthood Action: 100%