The Issues

Learn John’s plans to build a better future for Connecticut’s First District, from job creation and affordable education to a stronger Social Security system and safer communities.

  • Covid
  • Leadership During the COVID Pandemic

    Listening and Leading: When the COVID crisis hit, John was there for the First District hosting more than 10+ teletown halls and virtual events to hear from constituents, communicate the ongoing federal response, and bring […]

  • Cost of Education

    Only one percent of our nation serves in the military, Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Vista, Teach for America, and other service organizations. John believes we can expand opportunities to serve in exchange for student loan forgiveness and other incentives.

  • Gun Violence Prevention

    We in Connecticut know too well the shock and heartache that follows gun violence. John continues to push for commonsense reforms to keep our communities safer.

  • Jobs

    John is a champion for manufacturing, small businesses, and workers across the District. Everyone deserves the dignity that comes from having a job, and John has a plan to expand opportunities for everyone.

  • Social Security

    Two-thirds of retirees rely on Social Security for most of their income, yet some in Washington continue to call for benefit cuts and a hike in the retirement age. John Larson has a better idea to expand benefits, cut taxes, and make sure the program is around for our kids and grandkids.

  • Foreign Policy

    Nothing is more important than preserving the safety of Americans. In the wake of horrific tragedies overseas and within our own borders, John Larson has called for taking a closer look at our nation’s security measures and strengthening our relationships with our allies.

  • Energy & The Environment

    For too long, America has relied on foreign oil for the bulk of our energy needs—at the expense of the environment, our wallets, and our national security. John Larson knows its past time we invest in energy that’s affordable, abundant, and American.

  • Constituent Services

    John believes his first responsibility is to serve the people of the First District. That’s why he is always available to answer questions and solve problems with Social Security, Medicare, immigration, and other federal agencies.

  • Infrastructure

    Our roads, bridges, and transit systems are in dire need of repair. John knows we can make sensible, long-term investments in infrastructure to put the District back to work and improve public safety.

Your voice matters, and John fights hard to make sure Washington hears you loud and clear.


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