Climate Change

Climate change is here now. In Connecticut and around the world, we are already seeing its effects on our air quality, wildlife, the severity of natural disasters, and more. We can’t wait any longer to cut our emissions and create new green energy jobs while we’re doing it.

John knows this. That’s why he hasn’t waited for gridlock to clear in Washington to take bold action and get results.

As a senior member of the House Ways and Means Committee, John has spearheaded numerous clean energy tax credits, which have sparked a boom in solar, wind, and other zero emission technologies. John also co-founded the House Fuel Cell Caucus, where he is an aggressive advocate for Connecticut’s growing fuel cell industry and where he has led investments in fuel cell technology.

The progress made through these investments is proof that we can mitigate climate change, while creating good paying jobs and keeping the US competitive into the 21st century.

And John continues to fight tirelessly for more – for the transformative solutions we need to address our climate crisis.

As one of its very first cosponsors, John is fighting for the Green New Deal – an activist-driven climate plan that will slash emissions while creating blue-collar jobs and boosting our economy. He is working closely with the bill’s author, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, to grow its support base and incorporate its elements into the Build Back Better Act. Upon its passing, the Build Back Better Act will be the largest investment in combating climate change in our nation’s history. 

John is also fighting for a tax on carbon pollution – the most effective and direct way of fighting climate change. His carbon tax bill, The America Wins Act, puts the Green New Deal into action and would slash carbon emissions in half within a decade.

We can stop climate change – with the Green New Deal and John’s America Wins Act, and with continued green-energy investments spearheaded by John and his colleagues. Climate change is here now, but so are the solutions, and John is fighting for them in Congress.