John has long been a leader in times of crisis. As then Chairman of the Democratic Caucus, he worked closely with President Obama during the financial crisis to help Connecticut residents get back on their feet. Their efforts led us to one of the strongest economic comebacks in history. 

When the Covid pandemic hit, John once again stepped up and delivered real results. He led the way in getting Americans relief, helping craft one of the most consequential and important bills of our generation: The American Rescue Plan.

The American Rescue Plan put money in people’s pockets, vaccines in arms, kids back to school, and Americans back to work! It put us on a path to recovery during one of the darkest times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the key components of the Rescue Plan was a massive federal investment in our schools and towns. The 1st Congressional District received $200+ million for our schools and more than half a billion in total funding to ensure our children and our communities have the resources needed to build back better.

John and the entire CT delegation fought tirelessly for this funding. They spoke to towns across Connecticut, who told them that urgent relief efforts would be slowed and complicated if funding did not go directly to towns and schools. 

“We decided that we would have some of the [American Rescue Plan funding] go to the state and some of it go to the cities and municipalities and counties directly….John Larson was instrumental in making sure that happened…” – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

In addition to his leadership in securing town and school funding, John also spearheaded numerous other Rescue Plan provisions involving tax relief, affordable health care, and unemployment assistance. He is especially proud to have fought for the Child Tax Credit, championed by CT’s own Rosa DeLauro, which benefits over 115,000 families in the First Congressional District and has lifted more than 8,000 First District children out of poverty.

John’s effective leadership during crises all comes back to listening to his constituents. Since the very start of the pandemic, he has worked closely with community leaders and constituents, holding dozens of tele-town halls and virtual forums to hear from them directly. He has also partnered with the North End of Hartford’s Three Church Partnership, Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, and various local businesses to support those hit hardest by Covid-19 – including our health care workers. As we continue to build back better, John will continue to listen and lead for the 1st District.