Health Care

In 2010, as then Chair of the Democratic Caucus, John worked closely with President Obama to pass the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and provide health coverage to millions of previously uninsured Americans.

The ACA fundamentally changed health care in the United States. This groundbreaking bill helped ensure no one could be refused health care coverage because of a pre-existing condition! Americans with asthma, diabetes, cancer, and other medical conditions can no longer be denied coverage because of John’s efforts.

John has continued to expand the ACA since it became law. Just this year, he helped thousands sign up for coverage through AccessHealth CT and led the passage of legislation lowering health care costs for thousands of policy holders in Connecticut. More than 30,000 CT households will see their health care costs drop to nearly $0 per month because of these efforts! 

John has continued to deliver real results on healthcare reform, and he’s far from done. 

Next up, is John’s “Medicare for All Who Want It” plan. This bold solution would create an affordable, high-quality public option through the Medicare system. Anyone who wants would be able to buy-in to Medicare and everyone, even those on private insurance, would see their premiums drop.

John is fighting every day for this effective, practical solution. He’s also fighting to include hearing, dental, and vision coverage in Medicare and to lower out of control prescription drug prices. He’s already made real progress, helping pass the landmark “Build Back Better” bill in the House and thereby setting the stage for Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices and cap drug costs for seniors.

John won’t settle until the Build Back Better Act is across the finish line and until every American is adequately covered. Because health care is a human right.