Our nation’s infrastructure has been in desperate need of repair for decades. Many have talked about getting it done. John and his colleagues followed through and delivered real results for the American people. 

The bipartisan infrastructure bill is a historic victory for the country, and for Connecticut. It includes $6 billion in direct funding to our state, in addition to hundreds of billions in competitive grants. This funding will be used to repair our roads and bridges, upgrade our public transportation, protect our water supply, and expand internet access across the state. 

Most importantly, it will boost economic growth and create thousands of good-paying, blue-collar union jobs for CT residents.

For Greater Hartford, this funding is a truly once-in-a-generation opportunity. Over 50 years ago, Hartford’s riverfront was blocked off by I-91 and it’s North End isolated from the rest of the city by I-84. This created the number one traffic chokehold in all of New England, the I-84/I-91 interchange. 

John was the first to propose a bold vision to reduce traffic, recapture the riverfront, and reconnect the North End. Now, he’s delivered the funding needed to make this vision a reality.

We now have the opportunity to transform Greater Hartford, and with it the entire state. Economic and recreational opportunities will multiply, communities will be brought together, and commute times will be cut in half. We can face the challenges of repairing our aging roads, bridges, and even the dangerously old levees that defend Central Connecticut from devastating floods.

This incredible progress will all be possible because of the tireless advocacy of our unions, workers, and community leaders, and because of consensus builders and leaders like John in Congress.