Larson Wins Democratic Congressional Convention Endorsement Overwhelmingly

East Hartford, CT – On Monday, May 9, delegates from across Connecticut’s First Congressional District voted overwhelmingly to endorse the reelection of Rep. John Larson. The delegates, which included teachers, nurses, retirees, students, stay-at-home parents, gig workers, union members, and more, showed the confidence that Democrats at the local level have in their Representative.

In a rousing acceptance speech delivered after the roll call vote, Rep. Larson said “We’re putting vaccinations in people’s arms, kids back in their school seats, people back to work, and money in people’s wallets. It was Democrats who did that. The issues are on our side. We’ve got to stop the argument amongst ourselves, unite in common cause, and make sure Joe Biden has the help that he needs to bring America back to where it needs to be. Stand together. I thank you for your nomination, I pledge to you that I’ll continue to fight, and I ask all of you to join me in this effort.”

In a statement after the convention, Rep. Larson said: “The voters at the Congressional Convention are the everyday grassroots volunteers who do the hard work of keeping the Democratic Party rooted in local communities. I’m honored by the confidence they have shown in me, and I thank them for participating in the democratic process.”

The convention, organized by the Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee, was held at Goodwin University in East Hartford. The final result of the convention vote was 390 votes for Rep. Larson and 14 votes for challenger Muad Hrezi.